July 28, 1943 – President Franklin Roosevelt Announces the End of Coffee Rationing

Coffee had been rationed during World War II because most of the coffee in the U.S. came from Latin America by ship. But all available ships were being diverted to the war effort and moreover, and German U-boats were patrolling the shipping lanes and sinking merchant ships. 

In April 1942, the government limited coffee roasters to 75% of the previous year’s supply. In September the quota was cut to 65%. In February, 1943, the Office of Price Administration further reduced the coffee ration, allowing each person one pound every six weeks instead of five.


The coffee rationing was very unpopular, adversely affecting home front morale. Therefore on this day in history, July 28, 1943, President Roosevelt announced that it was ending — the first of items to come off the rationing list.


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