About Us

We are two professionals who like to write and teach. Husband: B.A. from Notre Dame, M.B.A. from U. of Chicago, and law degree from U. of Chicago. Wife: B.A. in English and political science, M.A. in library science, M.A. in political science from U. of Wisconsin. This blog will feature book reviews, vignettes on historical events and personalities, and occasional commentary.

Principle Author: James A. Broderick, Attorney-At-Law
Editor: Jill A. Broderick

We love to read! Have a book to review? Send an email to nbmars AT yahoo DOT com.

(Books that are not about history or law are reviewed at our other blog, Rhapsody in Books.)

Review Policy:

We are happy to hear from publicists and authors about review opportunities.

Our favorite genres are non-fiction – especially history, biography, law, and religion; literary fiction;, science; science fiction; and mysteries. One of us is also very fond of books for children and for young adults. We generally do not accept self-published books or erotica for review. If you are in doubt, please contact us and we will be more than happy to let you know if we are interested in the book you want to publicize!

Review Schedule:

We are currently scheduling reviews two to three months in advance, but are flexible.

We try to review all books received unless we just can’t get into a book. (There are two of us, so your chances are doubled at least one of us will like it.) We also generally try to follow our mothers’ injunctions to find something nice to say about people, but we will not say we liked a book if we didn’t.

If you’re interested in having us review the book you are publicizing or have any other questions, please e-mail us!

2 Responses

  1. I happened to read your very interesting blog and see that you have reviewed Sleepwalkers. I have a book coming out on another forthcoming anniversary–that of the Congress of Vienna–and I wonder if you would like me to suggest to the publisher that they send you a copy to review.


    By the way, like you I have a law degree.

    With best regards

    Mark Jarrett, Ph.D. (Stanford, History); J.D. (Berkeley/Boalt)

    • That would be very nice. And we note your admirable restraint in saying “I have a law degree” instead of “I went to Berkeley/Boalt” which we certainly would have boasted had we the occasion to do so. We can be contacted at nbmars AT yahoo DOT com.

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