Free Online Database of Health and Human Rights Law

The Global Health and Human Rights Database is a free online database of law from around the world relating to health and human rights. Developed by Lawyers Collective and the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, in collaboration with a worldwide network of civil society partners, the database offers an interactive, searchable, and fully indexed website of case law, national constitutions and international instruments.

As the website of the project explains:

Relevant judgments were selected for inclusion in the Database and summarized where the specific case is adjudicated by an international, regional, or domestic court (or quasi-judicial body, such as the UN Human Rights Committee or the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights); implicates a specified health topic; and argues a right of individuals or groups or an obligation of duty-bearers referenced in relevant international or national law.

International and regional instruments were selected for their inclusion in the Database where the instrument is binding under international law or is an integral component of global health policy; and the instrument’s provisions address a health-related right of individuals or groups or an obligation of duty-bearers.

National constitutions were selected for their inclusion in the Database where the constitution addresses a right or an obligation considered to be explicitly linked with or interpreted in relation to health or an underlying determinant of health; and explicitly states the right as a right of individuals or groups or an obligation of duty-bearers (including provisions on freedoms, such as freedom from discrimination, which may be stated as prohibition). A mere statement of aspiration, reference to a relevant issue or broad definition of the government’s scope of work without a sense of the government’s obligation or rights of individuals or groups were not included.

Judgments, international and regional instruments, and national constitutions have been classified geographically based on the United Nations Statistics Division.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 6.27.02 AM

According to the press release:

The [Global Health and Human Rights] Database is a fully searchable online database of more than 1000 judgments, constitutions and international instruments on the intersection between health and human rights.

The Database is the first attempt to comprehensively make available health and human rights law from both common and civil law jurisdictions, and features case law and other legal documents from more than 80 countries and in 25 languages. It also provides 500 plain-language summaries and 200 original translations of case law previously unavailable in English. The Database has been created in collaboration with more than 100 partners from civil society, academia, and legal practice worldwide.”

You can access this great resource here.


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